Monday, July 18, 2016

Ninth Israeli World Heritage Site Announced

UNESCO recently announced that Beit She'arim is to be the ninth Israeli World Heritage site. This site was at one pint a prosperous settlement during the period of the Mishnah's redaction. The site includes 30 burial caves where the rich and scholarly, including the chief redactor of the Mishnah, Rabbi Yehuda Hanasi were buried. 

Entrance of the Cave of Coffins, Beit She'arim National Park (Photo: Israel Nature and Parks Authority)
 "This is the most important ancient Jewish cemetery, and it contains a wide variety of architectural burial styles, containing a varied wealth of Classical Oriental Roman art, combined with folk art, with hundreds of inscriptions in four languages - Hebrew, Greek, Aramaic and Palmyric."- Itamar Eichner

Read more about this new Israeli World Hertiage site in the article, "Beit She'arim declared World Heritage Site" courtesy of Ynet News

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