Monday, February 27, 2017

Israel Interfaith Trip

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Today's blog features a blog post written by Rabbi Aaron Bisno for The Jewish Chronicle. The blog highlights a pilgrimage made up of 27 Christians and Jews traveling throug the Holy Land all for different reasons. Rabbi Bisno describes that some of the pilgrims are there to experience a trip with their rabbi or bishop to a place they've never experienced, others are in long-term interfaith marriages that want to explore each others roots together and others are excited for a chance to reconnect with a country that has always held a special place in their heart.

"The wonder of the trip is not that Jews and Christians are traveling here together, though that is not insignificant. The true blessing of our being together is how much we are learning about ourselves, our respective religious histories and faith, and all we share in common - even and especially amidst our differences." 
Read the full article to get inspired for a pilgrimage of your own by clicking HERE!  

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