Monday, April 17, 2017

My Jewish Year

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Today we're featuring "My Jewish Year", a new book written by Abigail Pogrebin that brings to light the 18 Jewish holidays and traditions that happen throughout the year. Daivd Gregory of the New York Times gives an in-depth review of the book, picking out key points for potential readers.

Gregory explains, "More substantively, Pogrebin brings both curiosity and candor to her search. During a fast on the first day of January, the 10th of Tevet, marking the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem by the Babylonians, she grabs hold of the larger point of skipping a meal: “Our tradition doesn’t care about whether you’re sated, but about what you do.” This is a day of sacrifice to focus the mind on helping others rather than satisfying ourselves. Pogrebin strives valiantly throughout the year, learning (she interviewed more than 60 rabbis and scholars) and breaking stereotypes of our tradition, as when she blesses a woman sitting next to her at a feminist Seder on Passover."

Take a look at the full review HERE and find out where you can pick up a copy for yourself.

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